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Savory Grape

Weekly Savory Selections

Friday, April 26th, 4-7PM

Larceny Bourbon Showing

Larceny Wheated Broubon is on sale this month and we are so happy because it is fantastic. Richard will be joining us to show off this tasty Bourbon along with our Private Barrel Elijah Craig and he will be making cocktails.



Saturday, April 27th, 2-4PM

Spring Cocktails with Ketel One Botanicals

Nothing screams Spring more than the Ketel One Botanical Vodkas! Brigit will be shaking and mixing up craft cocktails with the Grapefruit & Rose, Cucumber & Mint and Peach & Orange Blossom Vodkas.



Saturday, April 27th, Starts at 4PM

Redemption Bourbon & Rye

James will be joining us to pour the Redemption Bourbon & Rye and will be creating crafty cocktails with each. Whether you like a smooth bourbon or a zesty Rye, the Redemption line does not disappoint the Whiskey lovers.