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Savory Grape TastingsIn-Home Tastings
The Savory team provides fun, unique experiences exploring the world of wine, craft beer or spirits, in your home or other outside location. One of our knowledgeable team members will tailor the tasting to you and your guests, enhancing your knowlege, senses and evening, whether in wine, craft beer or spirits. You will learn about food pairings, and the Savory team can help arrange pairings or can pair for cuisine that you may be preparing. Our tastings of selections enhance any event whether a small intimate dinner or larger cocktail event. Investment begins at $500 for 10 people.

To learn about one of our outside tastings, please contact Jessica Granatiero or Tulay Lawton. To see what we are tasting in our store, visit our News & Events. 


Wine Class 101Educational Articles
Here's a collection of our articles for your enjoyment and learning. 

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