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Savory Grape

Holiday Pairings

The holiday smells are in the air and the giving season is ever present. Enjoy our Thanksgiving suggestions that we hope will help create new memories for you.
CLICK HERE to download or print them. Happy Thanksgiving, The Savory Grape 

As A Starter

Grandial Brut Rose, France – What better way to start than with bubbles! This frothy French Rose sparkler will tickle your nose and palate with its beautiful cherry notes that make each sip pleasing. ($10.99)

Jacquart Rose Brut, Reims, Champagne - If you would like to have a true Champagne, then grab none other than this Brut Rose that shows many bubbles. This is one of our favorite styles. ($61.99)

Shacksbury Cider Rose, Vermont - This cider rose is made from 100% local Vermont apples. Dry, it has a light spritz and notes of apples mixed with cranberries. Great to kick off a meal. ($12.99 per four-pack)


On The Table

Scaia Rosato, Italy – This Italian Rose delivers great flavors and is perfect for the myriad of dishes that accompany this holiday. On the palate you will have minerality followed by intense fresh strawberry and Bing cherry fruit notes. ($12.99)

Barnard Griffin Riesling, Washington State – Barnard Griffin’s Riesling brings together the best of Australian and German styles with its moderate to light alcohol and beautiful acidity. This makes it great with Thanksgiving fare, as the grape’s natural acidity balances with a touch of sweetness to match sweet potatoes and cranberry relish. ($12.99)

Coppi Falanghina, Italy – This is a selection we chose because of our travels to Puglia and because it’s perfect for Thanksgiving. Made from Falanghina, it opens with a fresh bouquet of flowers and citrus notes. Peaches and apricots are pronounced on the palate with slight hints of grapefruit at the end. ($21.99)

Kermit Lynch Cotes du Rhone, France – Medium-full bodied, this southern French red is a natural partner for Thanksgiving. It’s versatile and can match with turkey, stuffing and baked squash. Soft and lush, it’s dominated by red fruit flavors and ripe round tannins. ($15.99)

District 7 Pinot Noir, California – Pinot Noir is classic for Thanksgiving. While you may want to branch out, a Pinot Noir should be at the table. This has allspice and cherry notes that make it an amazing partner for turkey, ham, roasted brussel sprouts with bacon, yams and butternut mac ‘n’ cheese. ($17.99)

Chamlija Papas & Pinot Noir, Turkey – Traveling to Turkey this summer, we found this amazing wine to bring back for Thanksgiving. It’s Pinot Noir blended with a grape indigenous to Turkey, Papaskarasi (Papas for short) that has a beautiful lighter body with blackberry and plum notes. This is divine for turkey and all the table fixins! ($21.99)

Textbook Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley – This full bodied red has a wonderfully smooth mouthfeel with woodsy spice, vanilla and black currant notes. Great for rich side dishes - pork sausage or cornbread stuffing. ($35.99)

Luigi Einaudi Barolo, Italy – Barolo always impresses! Big enough for meat yet soft enough for roasted turkey, the wine has acidity that will match well with vegetables that we find on this holiday’s table! ($57.99)


After The Meal…

Antica Torino Amaro – Amaro is a digestive for after the meal. This is one we know personally and comes as a result of research into monastic traditions that focus on the cultivation of herbs and plants for use in liqueurs. ($35.99)

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Vanilla Cream Ale, Kentucky – A great end to a meal and also a dessert. This cream ale is brewed with flaked corn and bourbon vanilla beans, and then aged in freshly decanted bourbon barrels for at least six weeks. ($12.99 per four-pack)